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Library Policies

Our Library is going through a major remodel, please bear with us for a little while longer.

6:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  (Unless previously scheduled)            

Library Usage:
As per school policy, students are required to wear their current QHHS ID card while in the Library
Check-Out Procedure:
Students’ current QHHS ID card is all that is required to check out Library Books. 3 book limit per check-out.
Loan Period:
  • Books - 10 school days (approx. 2 weeks)
  • Reference - In-library use only 
  • Periodicals (magazines) - In-library use only
If there is no hold on the book(s), it may be renewed once by bringing the book back to the Library on or before the due date. 
If an item is checked out by another person, that item may be put on “hold.” When the item is returned, the requesting patron will be contacted and given three days to pick it up before it is placed back into the regular library collection.
Overdue Fines:
If returned past the date marked on the Library Book, overdue fines will be charged.  All items must be returned to the library or renewed by the day they are due to avoid a late fee.In the event the Library is closed items may be returned to the Accounting Office.
  • Late (overdue) - .10¢ per day (no fee if returned within three days                               of due date.
  • Damaged - Minimum $2.00 up to replacement value.
  • Lost - Replacement value (Stolen books MUST be reported to security.) 
Borrowing Privileges:
In the event a book is overdue or lost, but no payment is received, borrowing privileges will be suspended until fees are collected. 
Library Courtesy:
The library is intended for silent study only. Talking is limited to the minimum required for small group study.
Not allowed in the Library.
Students who have a signed Internet Agreement on file and their ID’s stamped may use the Library Computers. The District has provided Databases, which are the most up-to-date programs available, for our students to use for research. These databases can be accessed from home or school. Please ask for the passwords (to use these databases) at the Circulation Desk. You may print up to 10 school related items daily.  After the 10 that is allotted it will be 10 cents per page.

QHHS Textbook Check-out/Return Policies

Per Williams Case Notice, Education Code Section 35186(f).  All students are required to have textbooks to use at home and/or in the classroom.

  1. Students must have their current class schedule and their QHHS ID card in order to check out a textbook.
  2. Upon receiving books, students need to examine each one carefully and report any damage to the textbook clerk within one week of the check-out date. Students are encouraged to cover their books and write their name in pencil on the inside cover of each book so that your book can be easily identified.  Any other writing in the book will be considered vandalism. 
  3. When students return textbooks, they need to wait for a clerk to scan each book in order to verify that the book returned is the actual copy they checked out (same barcode number). Don’t just set them on the counter and leave.
  4. Don’t assume that someone else (even a teacher) will return them for you. Just remember it this way…IF YOUR BOOKS DON’T GET TO THE LIBRARY THEN THEY ARE NOT “CHECKED-IN”
  5. Textbooks are required to be returned in the same condition as they were received. Please clean them up before returning them if necessary.
  6. All textbooks checked out during the year are due back by the last day of the school year. (If a student drops a class or leaves school, his/her textbooks are due immediately.)
  8. Seniors will not be cleared for graduation until all books are returned and fines are paid

If any damages are incurred by the student, fines will be assessed, and the student will be charged as noted below.

Textbook Fines
  • Overdue after last day of school: $5.00
  • Textbook left on campus: $2.00
  • Cover damage (depending on severity)$5.00 - $15.00
  • Water/Liquid or food damage: $5.00 - Replacement Value
  • Writing in/on book (Gang writing reported to Security): $5.00 - Replacement Value
  • Barcode Damaged/Removed: $5.00
  • Lost Book: Replacement Value
  • Binding Damage: $10.00 - Replacement Value
  • Damaged/Torn corners/pages or missing pages: $5.00 - Replacement Value 
  • CD not returned with book: $15.00 per CD
Excessive damage to a book caused by any of the above, or any damage that causes the book to be in unusable condition, will result in the student being charged the replacement cost of the book