Quartz Hill High School

Seniors 2016-2017 Graduation & Miscellaneous Deadline Information

Check back to this page often!  Items are updated throughout the year.
2016-2017 Senior Local Scholarship Application is to the right "Auto Fill - Student Local Scholarship Application 2016-2017".  This application must be downloaded to your computer before it can be completed.  This form must be typed with your essay attached as per the instructions on the application.  The computers in the Career Center are available for you to complete the application should you not have access to a computer at home.
This application is due by 3:15 p.m. on December 14, 2016.  Late applications will not be accepted.
All of your Senior year college research and application information and attachments in one spot.  Click this link to take you to NAVIANCE - Family Connection Your one stop shop!
SENIOR GRADUATION CONTRACT  - See Activities Secretary in Administration if you have not turned in your Grad Contract!
This was handed out to all Seniors the first week of October and signature of Parent and Student are required for graduation
QHHS SCHOLARSHIP BULLETIN (Choose the file to the right that is labeled " Scholarship Bulletin"
ANTELOPE VALLEY COLLEGE PRIORITY REGISTRATION GUIDELINES! Due March 16, 2017  (Choose the file to the right labeled AVC Priority Registration Guidelines 2016-2017)
SENIOR LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION - Due December 14 by 3:15 PM.  (Choose the file to the right labeled Auto Fill - Student Local Scholarship Application 2016-2017)
Students download to your computer, complete and turn in by due date.  This application is the source used for all of our Local Scholarships handed out at Senior Awards in May.  Students who do not complete the application will not have the opportunity to be considered for these scholarships.
 2016-17 SENIOR POST HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTATION (Choose the file to the right that is labeled " 16-17 Senior Presentation"
This was given to Seniors the first week of October.
STUDENT BRAG/PROFILE SHEET (Choose the file to the right that is labeled " Student Brag-Profile Sheet 2017"
Download to your computer to complete the form.  Make multiple copies for use later and give to your teacher or counselor for help in completing  your Letter of Recommendations.
(new information will be loaded here as it becomes available)
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