Quartz Hill High School

Testing Begins April 10th! We will be on block schedule. View schedules here or ask your teacher to see where you are going each day. Good Luck!

Monday April 10th we begin our window of testing for 11th grade students and will be testing through April 24th.  Your student will be testing during their regular school day.  To limit class disruptions, we have blocked the schedule during testing days.  This means that your student will not miss a minute of instruction in non-testing classes!  Please see our website at qhhs.org or your listed email for the schedule.  We are excited at the low impact testing will have on your student’s schedule this year.  In addition, this is the first year for the 10th grade California Science Test (CAST).  10th grade students will test beginning April 17th.  Their class schedule will not be impacted either.  Please make every effort to have your student in school during this window.  As you can understand, attendance is of the utmost importance to secure the most effective testing environment. We want to wish your student the best of luck and ask for your assistance in making sure your student has a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast.  Although headphones will be provided, your student may bring their own as well.  Thank you once again for your support in allowing your student the best opportunity for them to be successful!

The Smarter Balanced Tests measures your student’s proficiency, growth, and lets you know if your student is ready for college-level work in English and Math.   This early signal, called the Early Assessment Program or “EAP,” gives you the opportunity to improve your skills during your senior year. 

Students, the Early Assessment Program (EAP) will assist the California State University (CSU) system and the California Community Colleges (CCC) system in providing you information on your readiness for college-level English and/or mathematics coursework. Additionally, the EAP may help you earn an exemption from the CSU and participating CCC English and mathematics placement tests that are required for entering freshmen. However, providing EAP results is not a requirement to be admitted to the CSU or CCC. Please carefully read the statement presented as the last question in this test session. If you do not wish your results to be sent to the CSU and CCC, select “Do Not Release.” If you are considering or plan to enroll at CSU or CCC, scroll down the form, select “Release,” and then select the [Submit] button. Your Smarter Balanced results for this test will be provided to both institutions by selecting the Release circle and then submitting. If you do not select to release your results, you may be requested to provide a copy of your results to the campus at a later time. Even if you have already answered this question at the end of an ELA or mathematics test you have already taken, you need to answer it for this test to have the EAP results of both tests reported. Your CAASPP Student Report will provide a Web site, where additional information is available on what your EAP results mean.