Quartz Hill High School



#1 GRAD NITE is Friday night. Seniors attending Grad Nite must arrive at the school at 6pm. You are NOT allowed to wear any School/Sport team affiliated clothing of any kind including high school, college, or pro. You are also not allowed to wear your Letterman’s jackets or any school apparel with a logo. You must also adhere to the school dress code. You need to bring your SCHOOL ID with you. If you don’t have a school ID you need to get one. Please park in the 100 quad parking lot. If you have any questions see Ms. Simonds in room 213.

#2 Graduation Practice is taking place Tuesday, May 30th. If you are participating in the 2:30 ceremony you need to check in to the Big Gym by 7:30. If you are participating in the 6:00 ceremony you need to check in to the Big Gym by 10:30. The Senior Assembly will take place in the Big Gym at 9:15 if you would like to attend. YOU MUST HAVE A QHHS STUDENT ID. If you don’t attend practice you cannot participate in the graduation ceremony on Wednesday. If you have questions please go to the Activities Office.

#3 Senior Sunset will take place Tuesday, May 30th from 6-9pm. This is a free event for QHHS Seniors ONLY. If you do not have your QHHS Student ID you will not be allowed to enter. DO NOT PARK IN THE VILLAGE, Park in the 200 quad lot and enter between the tennis courts and practice fields. This will be the only way to enter the event. Feel free to be bring blankets and chairs to sit on. If you leave Senior Sunset once you arrive, you will not be permitted back in. If you have any questions see Mr. Manthey in room 102, or Ms. Simonds in room 213.
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June 29th, 2017 through July 26th, 2017. Applications will not be available until sometime in April. Please call ahead to make sure applications are available before coming to pick one up.
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Voluntary Saturday School Offering

Quartz Hill High School is happy to announce that we are opening up our credit retrieval subject options!! Previously, students have only been allowed to finish credits that were not completed in Summer school. Students may now take any courses offered in the APEX program, needed for credit retrieval purposes. This is a great opportunity for any student to catch up on missing/incomplete credits needed for graduation purposes. Subjects for credit retrieval are limited to what is offered in the APEX program. Also, any courses taken in APEX are NOT NCAA compliant.

If you’re student is interested in making up credits on a Saturday, please have them see their counselor to receive a list of what credits are needed. They will then take this list to the teacher working on the Saturday School session.

After seeing the counselor, your student will need to see Melissa Thomas in Administration to get a Voluntary Saturday School form that must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned.
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Need to Order Transcripts?

Click title for the link to order transcripts for our QHHS site.
PLEASE NOTE: We now have Naviance which is free for transcripts fur CURRENT students. Just log into your Naviance account and order transcript for the school you plan on attending.
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